Natalie's creative touch

Natalie's creative touch

Date: 04-Apr-2018


Raceview resident Natalie Zielke has a true zest for racing although her passion may more be in the frocks and fascinators than the fillies and fast times.

The 29-year-old and first-time mum who grew up in Grandchester and attended West Moreton Anglican College has a real talent of making her fashion pieces unique.

Natalie Zielke models one outfit – she made the headpiece and skirt to transform this into a unique piece.

This year will make it he sixth or seventh Ipswich Cup and already her attention has been drawn to making her outfit stand out.

“It started with me just wanting to wear something different,” Natalie said.

“I began with millinery and then it grew into making my outfits as well.

“If I don’t create the whole outfit, I make one thing – like the hat – to help make it my own.

Natalie is known for her talent in transforming a $14 Kmart quilt cover into a Fashions on the Field winning

Natalie models the Kmart inspired outfit, accompanied by husband Tyler.


“I just liked the pattern of the cover and thought it would make a one-of-a-kind outfit,” she said.

Natalie has had no formal training but with her mum a quilting teacher, creativity is in the genes.

“I really enjoy making things and find it relaxing. I’m currently crocheting cute little children’s toys.”

Natalie will no doubt have a perfect excuse to keep creating for all ages now that Arlo Bryce Zielke arrived in early March.

Natalie’s fashion on the field tips

A few of Natalie’s Winter fashion tips to enjoy a day at the Channel Seven Ipswich Cup include:

  • Always wear something you feel comfortable in. Being confident in what you are wearing always catches a judge’s eye.
  • Closed in shoes.
  • Darker colours.
  • If it’s cool, wear stockings and/or a jacket.
  • No strapless dresses and preferably cover your shoulders.
  • Head piece – go for felts and leathers and steer clear of bows and headbands (they’re more Spring/Summer fashion).
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